LOSE WEIGHT Chocolate diet: can you lose weight with it?

Eating chocolate and losing weight - sounds almost too good to be true. But with the chocolate diet, this is actually supposed to work!
What is the chocolate diet?
The chocolate diet was made famous by the presenter Ruth Moschner, who has written a corresponding book about the concept. With the chocolate diet, the nascent of chocolate is expressly desired. In her chocolate diet, two pieces of dark chocolate are eaten 30 minutes before each meal. Two pieces of dark chocolate are also allowed as a snack between lunch and dinner. Otherwise, the chocolate Diät sets on carbohydrate-poor and protein-rich food as well as on movement.

Moschner herself is said to have lost around two dress sizes on the chocolate diet. But can the method really work, where one must do nevertheless actually otherwise with parliamentary allowance nearly always without chocolate and sweets generally?

How does the chocolate diet work exactly?
Actually, the chocolate diet starts already 72 hours before the planned beginning. Because from this time one should do without sugar already completely with the chocolate Diät. Otherwise, the diet with chocolate works as follows:

Three meals are planned per day, each consisting of healthy foods. In the morning, whole-grain products are on the menu, along with, for example, black coffee, fruit and vegetables with low sugar content, and low-fat quark. For example, wholemeal bread with a herb spread and an apple would be allowed. At lunchtime, the chocolate diet focuses on fiber. We get it, for example, from whole-grain pasta or quinoa, and vegetables such as spinach taste good with it. In the evening, the diet is low carb - that is, instead of carbohydrates, protein products such as eggs or lean meat are on the menu. Now the intake of fat is also allowed - preferably in the form of healthy oils such as olive oil or linseed oil. In general, the diet should be balanced.
Two pieces of dark chocolate are eaten 30 minutes before each meal.
Two pieces of chocolate are also eaten between lunch and dinner.
At least 20 minutes of exercise should be included in the daily schedule.
In between, fruit and vegetables are allowed as snacks.
Two to three liters of water or herbal tea should be drunk daily.

Fit and slim at last: Why should chocolate help you lose weight?
But how did Moschner come up with the idea of wanting to lose weight with chocolate in the first place? The secret lies in the cocoa content of dark chocolate, i.e. dark chocolate. At best, it should have at least a 70 percent cocoa content. The bitter substances it contains affect our sense of taste. As a result, real sweets taste heavily oversweetened after a short time, which means that cravings for them quickly subside. They also inhibit our appetite, which means we should eat less.

Above all, however, the chocolate diet is likely to have a psychological effect: After all, many dieters struggle with cravings for sweets like chocolate. If you allow yourself a few small pieces of dark chocolate every day, you can prevent these cravings - and keep up the chocolate diet better.

What should I not eat on the chocolate diet?
The temptation could be great, but more than the allowed pieces of chocolate per day should not be eaten in sweets. Apart from that, we should also avoid the following foods during the chocolate diet:

White flour products
fatty meat
fatty fish
full-fat dairy products, for example, cream or butter
Too much chocolate? Beware of this mistake!
When you hear the name chocolate diet, you might think at first that it is a classic mono-diet, where you eat only one food - in this case, chocolate. That would be a big mistake! Quite apart from the fact that you should not eat too much chocolate (and therefore too much fat and sugar), such a one-sided diet can damage your health.

This is because it means the body gets too few nutrients and, as a rule, too little energy. To fulfill its basic functions, it could thereby start to draw the required energy from the muscles. This means that although you lose weight quickly on such a diet (e.g. only chocolate), this is primarily due to the excretion of water and because the body loses muscle mass. As soon as you start eating normally again, the lost weight usually returns quickly. Accordingly, these mono diets are not recommended.

Conclusion of the chocolate diet
Losing weight is definitely possible with the chocolate diet. However, the name is a little misleading - because the success of the diet depends more on the change of diet. The chocolate does help to drive away cravings and is therefore a good extra tip. However, with a healthy mixed diet and daily exercise, you could lose weight without chocolate at all. Accordingly, the diet is especially suitable for foodies who can't keep up diets entirely without sweets.


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