Annoying water retention? What you need to know

Drinking enough is particularly important for people who tend to retain water, as it indirectly promotes the flushing out of excess water. But also herbal remedies can help.


Drink at least one and a half liters per day, this is good for the kidney function and thus indirectly promotes the flushing out of water. Pay attention to low-salt mineral water (low sodium and chloride ions, compare information on the labels).


Stinging nettle tea helps against swollen feet and hands: brew three teaspoons of nettle herb per cup, leave to infuse for ten minutes. Drink three cups daily. If the body stores water, especially in the second half of the cycle: take a herbal monk's pepper preparation (Agnus castus) from the 15th day of the cycle. Vitamin B6 is also good against water retention (ask a doctor, as overdosing is possible).

When to see a doctor?

If the water retention is so bad that a dent remains when you press a finger into the tissue.


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