WRIST PAIN? These exercises help!

 Especially in the office, our wrists are put under a lot of strain - no wonder that pain can occur. These exercises prevent wrist pain!

If you work on the computer all day long, your hands and therefore also your wrists are under a lot of strain. Regular stretching and strengthening exercises help to protect the wrists against overstrain and prevent pain.

How flexible are my wrists?

Can you bend and stretch your wrists by 90 percent each? If you're not sure, you can test this easily: Go into the quadruped position and place your hands on the floor with arms outstretched and fingers spread - one away from the body and one towards the body. If both hands are completely on the floor, there are no problems with the mobility of the wrists. 

Strong wrists by stretching - with these exercises

flexor muscles: Return to the quadruped position and place the hands with arms outstretched and fingers spread away from the body. Then lean your upper body slightly forward until you feel the stretch. 

Extensor muscles: To stretch the extensor muscles, place your hands the other way round, facing the body, and push your hips slightly back towards the heels. 

Two load exercises for strong wrists

flexor muscles: If you want to train the strength in your wrists, get back down on all fours and, with arms stretched out, place your hands pointing away from your body and with fingers spread on the floor. Then you push the palm of your hand upwards - your fingers remain on the floor. If this is too easy for you, you can place your knees further back. Professionals can even do the exercise in the push-up position.

Extensor muscles: It goes back into the four-footed position. This time, place the backs of your hands on the floor - so that the fingers are facing each other. Now push yourself up until your hands almost make a fist. These muscles are usually less strained than the others, so this exercise will probably be harder for you than the last one.

Routine, routine, routine

In order for the exercises to be effective, they must of course be performed regularly - preferably daily and with several repetitions. However, your wrists should not hurt during these exercises - be careful not to overstrain yourself. If the exercises are too difficult for you in a four-footed position, you can also place your hands on the wall or on a table.

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