6 things you shouldn't compliment others on


"You lost a lot of weight!" To be honest: Nobody needs such a compliment. And there are even more sayings with which you are guaranteed to make a mistake.

Compliments all have one thing in common: do they make other people happy? Unfortunately, that's not entirely true. Because there are a few sentences that do exactly the opposite. You can really hurt the other person. We explain which "flatteries" you should rather avoid.

But you've lost a lot of weight

Well, you only have to read this sentence out loud five times and then you notice for yourself that there is unfortunately something like: Before, when you had more pounds on your hips, you were clearly too fat!

The gray hair suits you

The gray hair issue is one of those things. If someone actively asks: "Do you think I look gray or should I rather dye it?", Then it is perfectly okay to compliment the other person for the gray hair. If the other person doesn't address it, you shouldn't draw his attention to his - albeit oh-so-great-looking - gray hair. Can hurt and send the message "Wow, are you old" .

Wow, styled so well, I would hardly have recognized you in the picture

Very thin ice! Because that means translated something like: Otherwise you will run around like the very last. So it's better to just say how great the other person looks in the photo. Point.

Say, you already have some life experience ...

Jaaaaaaa, because the conversation partner is already as old as a turtle. At least 100 or 150. Just doesn't sound good at all!

I think it's great that you are so confident despite everything

Despite the small breasts? Despite the curvy figure? Despite the badly paid job? Despite being single for a long time? With the little word "in spite of" you automatically devalue the other and show him that it would be totally understandable if he felt inferior.

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