Losing weight doesn't work? 5 things that slow your metabolism down


Despite exercise and a healthy diet, weight loss success simply does not want to materialize? Then maybe these 5 things slow down your metabolism.

You probably all know how to stimulate your metabolismBut are you also aware that various things slow down your metabolism? We'll tell you five things that you should avoid if you want to lose weight:

1. Lack of sleep

Do you always come to bed late or do you sleep very irregularly? Then that could be the reason your metabolism is out of rhythm. Sufficient sleep is particularly important to allow the body to regenerate. And to avoid hunger pangs the next day.

2. Sitting

Metabolism slows down in people who sit at a desk or couch for a long time. The body runs - as at night - on the back burner and is in sleep mode. Anyone who has an office job should interrupt their work at regular intervals and move around. Do a short workout or take a walk around the block, the fresh air works wonders for your body and mind.

3. Fitness training

No question about it, fitness training is better than no training at all. It defines the muscles and is effective. Despite everything, women should aim for a combination of endurance and strength in the long run. The reason: Strength training stimulates the metabolism particularly strongly and activates fat burning long after exercise.

4. Irregular meals

Irregular meals are just as bad as irregular sleep. Because: Those who do not have fixed meal times bring the biochemical processes in the body out of rhythm. The "I-skip-breakfast-away" group should be told: If there are more than 16 hours between meals, the body sounds the alarm and slows down the metabolism.

5. Protein deficiency

In a healthy diet, which should also boost the metabolism, one component must not be missing: proteins. Because protein stimulates your fat metabolism and helps build muscle. Also, proteins found in eggs, lean meat, and quark keep you full for a long time and provide energy. Those who only rely on carbohydrates have to live with a slow metabolism - and cravings deluxe.


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