Lose weight healthily: These are the best tips

Lose weight healthily

If you want to lose weight healthily, you have to pay attention to two things: The right diet and sufficient exercise in everyday life. This is how it works - without any yo-yo effect.
Those who rely on two pillars will have no problem losing weight. Diet and exercise are essential here. With these tips you can fight the bacon:

1. Healthy Weight Loss: The Best Diet Tips

One of the central pillars in the fight against obesity is proper nutrition. Because the body can only become slim if it receives the right nutrients it needs. The following points are relevant in the daily nutrition plan:
  • Complex carbohydrates: Carbs, e.g. B. from whole grain products and potatoes, fill you up for a long time and provide energy and fibre for the day.
  • Healthy fats: Olive oil or other vegetable oils are rich in unsaturated fatty acids (omega 3 and 6) and provide the body with vitamin E.
  • Sufficient protein: high-quality protein (fish, lean meat, dairy products) is particularly essential for maintaining and building muscles.

2. Follow the recommendations of the DGE

The German Nutrition Society (DGE) recommends:
  • No more than 600 grams of meat and fish per week. Those who want to lose weight healthily should stick to lean meat such as poultry or eat fish (e.g. plaice or cod), which are high in healthy fats and iodine. 
  • Another recommendation of the DGE is 5 a dayWe should consume two servings of fruit and three servings of vegetables daily to supply our body with enough vitamins and minerals. One serving is roughly what fits in your own fist. 
  • Drinking is also essential for weight loss success. At least two litres of water or unsweetened tea is necessary to stimulate your metabolism and your own fat burning.
If you follow these recommendations, you can lose weight without hunger.

3. Sport: exercise for the desired weight

Exercise is at least as relevant as the nutrition plan when it comes to losing weight. Sport helps to stay fit in several ways: On the one hand, exercise improves your condition, and on the other hand, it burns calories and builds muscles. And these, in turn, are the body's ovens when it comes to increasing the basal metabolic rate. Because muscles burn a lot of energy, even at rest.
In addition to a regular sports program, exercise is generally essential in everyday life to be able to lose weight healthily. Take the stairs instead of the elevator, use the bike and leave the car or take a walk from time to time. Create individual islands of movement every day - and reduce passive leisure activities such as watching TV or surfing the Internet to a minimum. You can find more tips in the article Losing weight without exercise.

4. Lose weight healthily and maintain the weight

After the diet is before the diet. If you have achieved your weight loss goal and ideal weight, you naturally want to keep it. To avoid the yo-yo effect, diet and training should ideally be changed during the diet. In retrospect, it is not that difficult to maintain weight. 

5. Rely on superfoods

Basically, it always makes sense not to go on a crash diet to lose weight, and instead to rely on a diet that leads to a long-term change in diet. After weight loss, the handle should automatically go to those foods that are low in fat, low in calories, and naturally healthy. Superfoods such as
  • Avocados,
  • Chia seeds,
  • Quinoa
  • and goji berries 
for integration in the nutrition plan during and after weight loss. Also, sweets should continue to be the exception. When cravings or frustration arise, healthy snacks with few calories (kcal) or delicious smoothies can also help.

6. Use healthy recipes for every occasion

If the previous weight loss tips were too theoretical for you, this is where you can get inspiration for healthy, low-fat and low-calorie dishes and potential favourite foods.

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