Cleaning pores - these are the best methods


Even and fine, instead of pimples and blackheads - this is how many women want their complexion. We introduce you to three methods with which you can clean your pores.

Clogged pores  are just annoying. If the skin produces an excessive amount of sebum, which can cause the hair roots (hair follicles) to become horny at the same time, the sebum can no longer flow off properly. A plug forms, which clogs the exit of the follicular canal and creates blackheads .

At the same time, the sebum builds up. The pores expand. Once "worn out", large pores can no longer contract and remain expanded. If the pores become inflamed, there will also be pimples on the face  . It doesn't have to be!

From peeling to mask - we explain step-by-step three effective methods with which you can clean your pores quickly and effectively.

1. Clean pores with steam

Effect: A steam bath not only helps against colds, but also against clogged pores. The heat promotes blood circulation, opens the pores and brings sebum and dead skin cells to the surface.

This is how it works:

  1. Heat water in a saucepan and add a few drops of tea tree oil to the water. Alternatively, herbal tea, green tea or mint tea is also possible.
  2. Now bend your face over the pot for about ten to fifteen minutes and place the towel over your head so that the water vapor cannot escape.
  3. Then wash the face with cold water, dab gently with a towel and apply a moisturizer.

2. Cleanse pores with a scrub

Effect: Dead skin cells can be removed with a peeling, the blood circulation is stimulated and the gray veil disappears - the skin can shine again. However, exfoliation should not be used more than twice a week. Here we have recipes for peeling yourself .  BRIGITTE tip: a peeling with healing earth.

That's how it's done:

  1. Mix the healing earth with a cup of lukewarm chamomile tea and apply to the skin in circular movements.
  2. Let it dry for around ten to fifteen minutes.
  3. Then rinse off with cold water (this contracts the pores) and pamper your face with a moisturizing care product.

3. Cleanse pores with face masks

Effect: Face masks are extremely effective in the fight against clogged pores. Healing earth in particular is among the top beauty tips against pimples and  blackheads  and brings oily skin  or  skin affected by acne back into balance.

How it works :

  1. Mix seven tablespoons of healing earth with three tablespoons of water to form a creamy paste.
  2. Apply the texture to the previously cleansed face, avoiding the eye area and lips and allowing them to dry.
  3. After about ten minutes, wash off the mask with cold water and treat your skin to some care.

Even more tips for cleaning pores:

In addition to the methods listed above, there are other beauty tricks and tips that support pure skin:

  • Thoroughly cleanse the face in the morning AND in the evening and remove make-up, sebum and dirt.
  • matched to the skin type facial cleanser to use.
  • Don't forget the toner to remove any remaining residues (including lime!).
  • Don't touch your face!
  • Go to the beautician from time to time for deep cleansing .

Here are some more tips to  combat blemished skin . Do you already know skin gritting ? With this method you can get rid of blackheads with ease.

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