9 truths that make life easier

9 truths that make life easier

Hand on heart: We would all like to have such a little book with all the answers to the big questions in life. The American life counselor Lamisha Serf-Walls is convinced that we have everything we need for a fulfilling life within ourselves. We just have to remember it sometimes!

1. Everything starts with a thought

Above all, what we want to achieve is a thought. Take the time to think about things: Spin around, create ideal scenarios, don't limit yourself. It's not about analyzing bankruptcies, lousy luck, and mishaps from the past. It's about formulating goals that really mean something to you. Yes, that takes time. But then the ideas will just bubble up!

2. Allow dreams

The motto is: Think big! A house by the sea? Imagine in your mind's eye how you are sitting on the terrace with your favorite book and enjoying the sunshine. Professional independence? Imagine how to go into your own office, make phone calls, and meet exciting business partners. Sing opera arias, get a helicopter license, deep-sea diving - dare to do it! The motto is: Everything is possible in dreams.

3. Everyone is unique

No, we did not ask to be born. Life was simply given to us. This gift is far too precious to just look at from a distance. In other words, don't let your life slip by - live it! It is less about "right" and "wrong" than about "at all." Never forget: Each person is unique, everyone has something to give.

4. You are worth it

Women, in particular, know this: constant self-doubt. Am I able to? Should I really do this? What if I am embarrassing myself? Stop! It is your life, and you are absolutely worth living it the way you want. Ignore any bad guys who want to tell you something else.

5. Just do it

There are always good reasons not to do things: Not registering for the Icelandic language course (too time-consuming). Not to bring a dog out of the shelter (what if he doesn't hear?). Not to give up the affair after all (fear of being alone). Only: doing nothing changes nothing! So just turn your perspective. And become a facilitator instead of a suspect. Between us: It's a lot more fun too.

6. Trust your own intuition

Say everything: colossal opportunity! But your own gut says: something is wrong.  But this gut feeling is usually not there without reason. It tipped the scales after all the pros and cons lists were written, and all friends were asked for an opinion. Latisha Serf-Walls calls intuition "our inner GPS transmitter." He will guide us safely to where it feels good and right - for us.

7. Small steps lead to success

The big goal seems unattainable. Maybe you should be satisfied with what you have after all? No! Once you have started, trust it to continue. Great things rarely come together in one go. The "small step policy" is what brings us closer to our goals. No step is too small: A meeting, a phone call, or a comment can initiate significant changes. And with it, the confidence in your own ability to know when the next step is due.

8. Expect the best

We all know them: self-fulfilling prophecies. You can make fair use of these self-fulfilling predictions: By deciding to always expect only the best, says Lamisha Serf-Walls. Even if this may seem a bit strange at first, it is incredible what power our positive thoughts can develop.

9. Enjoy what you do

Finally, some serious advice: Have fun. A lot. Let go and approach things often playfully. This paves the way for new inspirations, opportunities, and releases energy - for life the way you like it.

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