5 situations that people with RBF know only too well

RBF: Woman looks neutrally into the camera

Find out what is behind the phenomenon of RBF and how you can recognize it here. 
Why do you look so angry?
Well, do you get to hear this and similar sayings often? Maybe you have an RBF too ...

RBF - WTF is that?

"People with a bitchy resting face suffer!" Is the message of the not entirely serious video of the Broken People from 2013. The abbreviation RBF stands for Resting Bitch Face, also called Bitchy Resting Face. What does that mean exactly now? Someone looks annoyed or in a bad mood or someone seems to have contempt written on their face - but they don't feel that way at all, but have a neutral facial expression. However, the environment sees it differently.

"Have a smile" - 5 situations that people with RBF know

Do you have an RBF? Then these situations are certainly familiar to you:
  1. You will constantly be asked, but even to smile.
  2. You actually have a great day, then someone spoils it for you by asking: "Are you okay?", Accompanied by a pitying look
  3. People tell you that they initially thought you were arrogant
  4. Others believe you are completely free of emotion
  5. Nobody will believe you that this is just your normal expression

The Resting Bitch Face phenomenon

This phenomenon is particularly popular with stars, sometimes by themselves:
Why do people give supposedly well-intentioned advice to people who they think look angry or in a bad mood? Because non-verbal communication plays an important role in human interaction and facial expressions are a good indicator of how we feel ("making a face like three days of rain"). After all, a smile appears open and friendly. And a study has not only shown that people who look friendly are also perceived as more trustworthy, but also that expressions that appear dominant are seen as masculine and obedient as feminine. "With us women it is almost expected that we put on a smile, if we don't do it, it looks bitchy",well summarized. In men, such an expression is more likely to be accepted as normal. No wonder that the male counterpart Resting Asshole Face has not really caught on.

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