Theraband training: Training effectively everywhere

Theraband Training: Woman trains with Theraband on the beach

Our Theraband training is ideal for your whole body workout and ensures tight buttocks, a flat stomach and defined arms!

With the Theraband, you train intensively and effectively everywhere - no matter where!

Hardly any other fitness machine is as practical as the Theraband: it doesn't cost much, is light and even comes on vacation. Strength endurancemuscle building and body shaping can be ideally combined with it. For training to strengthen the muscles, you need a band of 200 to 250 cm in length. The colour of the ribbon shows resistance.
Beginners choose a band with light, advanced with medium resistance. You should use it to do the Theraband exercises with all repetitions and be able to perform them technically correctly even the last time. You can get the Thera tapes in sports shops from around ten euros. Good news for allergy sufferers: There are also latex-free tapes!

Theraband training: This is how you train properly

  • Warm-up your body for 4-5 minutes before the fitness exercises.
  • If possible, wrap the tape around your hands (with your thumb) or feet.
  • Keep your wrists stable - do not bend. 
  • Don't let the tape snap back after pulling it apart. Slowly lead it again.
  • Exhale as you tighten the tape, inhale as you loosen it. You should repeat an exercise of about 15 to 20 times (one series). Try to do two to three sets per exercise with a break of about 20 seconds each. To improve the general strength endurance (low intensity - more repetitions - more series), you practice 2-3 times a week for about 30 minutes.

Theraband training for your complete workout

Upper arm/triceps and shoulder girdle

  • Hip-wide standing, the knees are slightly bent, the upper body is straightened and slightly forward—the left-hand presses against the bottom with the back of the hand. The right elbow is almost vertical over the shoulder. The tape is somewhat pre-tensioned.
  • Now stretch your right forearm upwards, the palm facing forward. Pull your shoulders outwards and downwards. Then slowly bend your arm again, gradually weaken the tension in the band. The head remains upright. Change of sides. Strengthens triceps and shoulder girdles.

Isolated exercise for the upper arm/biceps

  • Small step position, right before leaving. Hold the band with your right hand and fix the middle with your front foot so that the group is slightly stretched. Feet and knees point in one direction, knees are slightly bent. The upper body is upright and somewhat in front—the left-hand presses against the left side of the buttocks.
  • Now bend and extend your right forearm in your elbow. The elbow stays close to the upper body, the shoulders are outside and below—change of sides. Here the biceps are made fit.

Isolated exercise for the shoulder girdle

  • Hip-wide standing on the belt, feet parallel, knees slightly bent. The arms are stretched down, the band is fixed with the hands and in tension. The upper body is slightly inclined forward from the hip, the chest is raised upwards.
  • Bring both elbows to close past the upper body to the back and up. Pull your shoulders outward and pull your shoulder blades towards your pelvis and spine. Keep the upper body and chest stable. Slowly back to the starting position.

Arms, shoulders and legs

  • Light tackle. The knees are slightly bent, stand over the midfoot and point towards the tip of the foot. The tape is fixed with hands and feet in tension. The elbows are bent at right angles and close to the body, the forearms point forward.
  • Now stretch your arms and legs at the same time, bringing your arms sideways up to shoulder height. The elbows and knees remain slightly bent. Pull your shoulders out and down. The upper body is upright and somewhat in front. Slowly back to the starting position. The training aims to strengthen the muscles in the arms, legs and shoulders.

Back and leg outside.

  • Small tackle, knees bent, put your heels on the belt. Wrap the tape crosswise around the lower leg, knee and thigh. The hands hold the tape with tension, the arms are slightly angled.
  • Now bring the bent arms outwards from the middle (elbows approximately at shoulder height), the palms facing forward. Pull the shoulder blades down. Slowly back to the starting position. Press the outside of the Ben against the band throughout the exercise! The back and legs are strained here.

Back, stomach, legs

  • Place feet parallel to each other, knees bent and above the midfoot. Stretch the tape between your feet and palms. The upper body is erect in itself.
  • Stretch your knees, hips, torso and arms from the low stooping position at the same time. The upper body remains stable and in light submission, no hollow back! Pull your shoulders out and down. Slowly return to the low starting position with resilience. In this exercise, the stomach is particularly tense, and it is also particularly suitable for the back.

Legs and buttocks

  • Hip-wide stand, hands supported, thumb forward. Place the right leg in the strap loop, and fix it with the left foot in tension, bend the right foot.
  • Now alternately spread your right leg outwards and bring it back in again. The pelvis points forward and is stabilized in the middle position - do not pull the buttocks in or out. The knees and toes look forward. Keep your torso upright and vertical. The leg remains slightly bent—change of sides.

Lateral trunk muscles

  • Small tackles, knees bent, knees and feet point in the same direction. The feet and the right hand fix the ligament with slight tension. The left hand supports on the side. The chest is raised upwards in front.
  • Now alternately guide your right arm in a wide arc over your head to the left side and back to the centre. Tilt your upper body to the team as well. The weight remains evenly distributed on both legs. Shoulders away from the ears. Change of sides.

Oblique abdominal muscles

  • Grätschsitz on the ground, wrap the band around the right foot. The upper body is upright and slightly turned to the right. Hold the group with slight tension and fold your hands in front of your chest.
  • The hands stay in front of the rib cage if possible, the shoulders are on the outside, the elbows point outwards—change of sides.

Buttocks, legs, back.

  • Supine position, raise both legs waist-wide. Pull the right leg up and lay the tape flat over the knee. Place your arms and hands with the backs of your palms facing down next to your upper body. The right leg is bent at approximately a right angle so that the tape does not slip.
  • Now push your left foot towards the floor and alternately raise and lower the pelvis. In the raised position, the thighs and torso form a line if possible—change of sides.

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