Orgasm Gap: women want more!

Orgasm Gap: women want more!

"Women don't come as easily as men" - a myth that persists and that has to be used again and again as an excuse and excuse if only the man gets what he wants again. But why is that actually?
The Orgasm Gap is quite a big house number if you take a closer look at it. Similar to the gender pay gap, it describes the difference between the frequency of orgasms in women and men. There are many reasons why women are not rewarded with soaring at every hot number. For most, it's just a fact. We learn early on: women have a harder time and, above all, much less often to orgasm than men - law of nature, you can't do anything. In any case, the male orgasm is the end of heterosexual activities in bed in many minds today. Why? Well, because women have such a hard time getting to the point ...

In-out-penis-in-vagina penetration rarely works 

However, this is our normative idea of ​​how sex works: Man sticks his penis in, a little back and forth, done. It may work very well for him and end in a satisfactory way, but three-quarters of all women reach orgasm by stimulating the clitoris and not by penetrating the vagina. No matter how persistent the man can practice in-out, as long as the clitoris is ignored, not much happens to many women. So it's no big surprise that the orgasm rates of women and men are worlds apart. If we want to close the "orgasm gap", we should first let go of our outdated notion of sex.
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Ladies, we can come just as quickly ...

On average, it takes men and women about four minutes to orgasm through masturbation. Conversely, this means that women cannot reach it more or less easily, as men do when they know which buttons to press on themselves. Unfortunately, female masturbation is still a taboo. While men shamelessly boast in public how often they have waved one off the palm of their hand, women whisper at most behind closed doors and only with their closest friend about the fact that they have now bought a "massage stick" .. . but pssst. Fortunately, a lot is happening here too. Mainly because the younger generation of women is more enlightened, is moving forward, and no longer wants to be pushed into the power structure of men and women. 

It's not just about sex, it's about equality

So we should urgently start rethinking our understanding of sex. For men, this means looking after their partner's satisfaction in addition to their own satisfaction. Already begins to deal with how things are structured down there with us women and where the partner might like to be touched a lot more than just practicing blunt in-out until it is enough for the woman and she faking an orgasm. And for women? Just open your mouth and not just because we think we have to do the man this service, but above all to say what we want. Yes, it's intimate, but it's also quite simply our right to have as much fun in bed as our partner.

Give it to me baby

Unfortunately, as in many other areas, with sex we have the feeling that we have to give something before we can take, so we have to earn something first. In most of us this is so deeply anchored subconsciously that you hardly dare to question it yourself. At the same time, women should still get their money's worth, preferably with as little effort as possible. All you have to do is look at the statistics on oral sex or simply go through your own experiences, that might be enough. But that of course one expects to have an orgasm anyway because otherwise the ego of our counterpart could be offended, that is out of the question, otherwise, something is wrong with us. So it's no wonder 

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