Is Shellac harmful to the nails?

Shellac - nail polish that lasts forever?

Shellac and other gel varnishes, which are supposed to last up to four weeks, are not only tempting in summer. But how good are they for the nails?

Is Shellac the Perfect Manicure?

If you want colour on your fingernails, you have to be one thing above all with conventional nail polish: the patient. It takes a while for the base coat, paint layer and topcoat to dry. And the reward for this effort usually lasts for two to three days. With some paints may be up to a week. How nice the promise of Shellac and other gel lacquers sounds: zero drying time, flawless shine, absolute scratch resistance - and that for up to four weeks. Does that mean we're all going to switch to Shellac and save ourselves the weekly manicure?

Our gel polishes gentler than artificial nails?

Gel varnishes are cured using UV or LED lamps. After brushing and drying, the varnish is not only immediately dry and scratch-resistant but also firmly attached to the nail. This method is similar to the modelling for artificial nails in nail salons: Here, however, the pin is additionally roughened before painting. As a result, the lacquer and nail surface bond so strongly that the colour has to be filed off later.
Gel polishes, on the other hand, can be removed with a nail polish remover. One reason why many manufacturers advertise their products as much gentler. A controversial statement.  Many of these products contain acetone or other strong solvents that draw grease off the nail and dry out the skin. "Cleaning with acetone attacks the nail more than filing it off," says Tanja Krotki, training manager at Douglas. Also, paint residues that cannot be removed this way have to be scraped off with a wooden spatula.

LED light or UV lamp?

For a while, gel nails could only be done in cosmetic studios. In the meantime, there are also lamps for home use. When buying, you should definitely pay attention to the type and certification of the device. LED lightsare harmless, unlike UV lamps: "With intact quality tubes, UV light does not pose a more significant burden to the skin than average daylight. Outdated or inferior pipes, on the other hand, harden with UVB rays, the light responsible for sunburn. These rays can cause cell changes in the skin and in the worst case even to cancer ", says Dr Helger Stege, Head of Dermatology at the Lippe Hospital.

Shellac for brittle nails?

Many women with already brittle nails opt for Shellac or other gel polishes. The hope: not having to paint and repaint so often, because Shellac lasts for weeks. A fallacy: removing these varnishes can quickly make the nails even more sensitive. Also, there is a risk of inflammation if the nail plate and skin are attacked - germs then have an easy job.
So if you are toying with Shellac, you should definitely give your nails a little break afterwards. Costly nail care with nourishing oils is then a must! There are care oils for thisthat can be applied with a brush, but also practical nail care sticks on the go.
Our tip: It is best to use conventional varnishes for cracked nails. They may not last that long, but they are a lot gentler. Here we show you the current nail polish trends for great polishes and patterns!

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