9 sentences that happy couples never say

What would happy couples never say?  A happy couple hugging

Happy in your relationship? Then you probably won't get these sentences as often ...
The key to a happy partnership is communication: on the one hand, an appropriate tone promotes harmony between the participants, on the other hand, couples communicate with each other in a certain way when they are happy in their relationship. Either way: You will certainly not hear the following sentences so quickly in a healthy partnership.

9 sentences that happy couples never say

1. "Forget it - my problem."

Happy couples support each other and are the most important caregivers for each other. That's why they share their problems with their sweetheart instead of keeping them to themselves. A good prerequisite for staying happy: Because sooner or later in a partnership, "my problem" will eventually become "our" ...

2. "You don't understand that."

Of course there is also something in a healthy relationship that one of the two does not understand or sees differently from the other - after all, two different people with individual heads and perspectives are involved. Even so, happy couples always take time to talk and explain and make an effort to understand each other.  

3. "You always have to ..."

Generalizations like "always" or "never" are unfair - however happy couples treat each other fairly. Generalizing allegations are therefore in short supply in a healthy partnership.

4. "Can't you even leave me alone?"

Of course, happy couples also need time and rest for themselves. But this is never a reason for argument or aggression. Rather, the balance of closeness and distance, togetherness, and me-time is established in a natural way in most harmonious partnerships, without having to be discussed in great detail.

5. "This is typical for you again!"

Happy couples do not pigeonhole or stamp their treasure but leave it room to develop. In this way, they discover their favorite person again and again and assess their behavior based on the situation rather than typing. 

6. "Maybe we both need a break."

A break in relationships can definitely make sense and partnerships can be saved - but if a couple is already happy, there is usually no need for a break. In this respect, the desire for a break is almost always an expression that something is wrong in the relationship.

7. "Why are you never on my side?"

Even if it's just a subjective perception and maybe not true at all: happy couples feel supported by their sweetheart - and not let down. If only one of the two feels like the other is against him, the relationship of trust is at least compromised.

8. "You're exaggerating again."

Admittedly, many people mostly exaggerate. However, in a healthy relationship, the partner should be the person who has an understanding of it and who takes his or her treasure seriously, despite the dramatization and pure chance. It will certainly be her goal to convey to her favorite person that the world is really not going down and that everything is only three quarters as bad. But she is respectful and careful, not mocking and disdainful. 

9. "If you don't ... then that's it."

There are no threats and ultimatums in a happy relationship. True love is unconditional and does not make demands.

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