Fasting correctly: step by step instructions

Fast right: You should know that

What does "fasting properly" mean?

If you want to fast properly, you should delete the keyword diet as soon as possible: Rather, the inner cleaning is in the foreground. Researchers found that around five percent of damaged body cells are broken down during therapeutic fasting . The stored toxins are released from the cells and excreted by our detoxification police, liver, intestines, kidneys, lungs, and skin. The intestine is thoroughly cleaned once and the digestive system is relieved. As a result, therapeutic fasting can also have a positive effect on various diseases, for example, digestive problems or migraines.

The instructions for proper fasting

If you want to fast properly, you should plan your cure well. Many fasting followers use classic Lent, but in general, therapeutic fasting can be carried out at any time. There is no one correct form for fasting , but there are different methods from which you can choose the one that you can best cope with. Buchinger fasting or detox is particularly popular.
In general, you should choose a time for fasting that is as relaxed as possible. This means that you shouldn't be under a lot of stress either professionally or privately. You do not necessarily have to take time off, but since unpleasant symptoms such as circulatory problems or a slight headache can occur at the start of fasting , it can make sense to spend most of the time at home at fasting.

Proper preparation counts

It is also important that you have everything you need at home before the fasting cure. Depending on the fasting method, for example, solid food in the form of healthy foods such as fruit or vegetables may be allowed. If you want to do juice fasting , you can order the juice in the form of a cure on the Internet or make it yourself. Since many fasting cures start with a colon cleanse, you should have everything in the house for this. Epsom salt, for example, depending on the method of colon cleansing.
Through so-called relief days before the actual fasting cure, you adjust your body to the upcoming fast. At best, you don't consume any more luxury foods like alcohol or cigarettes, and your digestion is easy with light and small meals. Small portions of oatmeal (alternatively rice) with some steamed fruit or vegetables are particularly suitable. The relief days should be one to two days long and can be ended with an intestinal cleanse for the perfect start for therapeutic fasting.

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