5 tricks on how to be nice to people you don't like

How can you be nice to people you don't like?  A woman hugs a man

Can you pretend badly? Don't worry! With these tricks, you can be nicer to people you dislike - without pretending!
Whatever the reason: some people just don't like it! And usually, that's not bad at all. It becomes problematic, however, if we have to deal with the dislike and deal with it - e.g. B. because we spend 40 hours a week with him in the same office, our sister has decided to marry him, he sells bread rolls to us every morning, or our friend suddenly brings him to all of our appointments ... 

1. Hold your own nose

You may not want to hear that now, but: When we are annoyed about people, it almost always says something about ourselves - and the same applies to people we don't like. Are you maybe jealous that the guy spends more time with your BFF than you? Would you also like to be secretly sometimes as unfriendly as the bad-tempered bread seller? Think about it - ideally, you can even learn something from the dislike.

2. Keep a cool head

Take a sober look: Does this person you don't like deserve to dedicate energy and emotions to him? Probably (in your opinion) not! Try to keep your feelings in dealing and in the relationship with this person as possible and see it pragmatically: It is in your life and it is up to you to make the best of it. 

3. Do something nice together

Sure, you probably don't have much desire to spend your lunch break with the Ätz colleague or go to the zoo with your arrogant brother-in-law - but that could probably make you milder. If you have positive experiences with your dislike, you tend to associate it with joy and pleasant emotions, which can weaken your negative attitude or even reverse the opposite. So maybe also invite the bread seller for a piece of cake on occasion ...?

4. Change perspective

Yes, yes, you should always be the one who tries and empathizes. On the other hand: it is also about you, you are interested in getting along with the other. So just try to put yourself in the other person's way. Is your arrogant behavior really so self-righteous? Or maybe there is more uncertainty behind it? Even if you still don't like the unpleasantness afterward: a little emotional jogging is good for your emotional intelligence!

5. Humor

If nothing helps, only one thing helps: humor! Why see everything so closely and always take life so hard? Why annoy you when you can laugh too? Or do you have no sense of the irony of fate ...? 😉

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