4 reasons why we should eat more olive oil

Like salt and pepper, olive oil is part of the standard repertoire in every kitchen. But why is olive oil so valuable - and what effects does it actually have on our organism?
Olive oil is not only an essential part of the kitchen in the Mediterranean region, it is also becoming increasingly popular in this country. The per capita consumption in Germany is around 0.85 liters per year with an upward trend. In comparison to our European neighbors, we are still far behind: in Italy and Spain more than ten liters are consumed annually, in Greece even more than 20 liters of olive oil.

1. Aid for digestive problems

Olive oil is a great home remedy for digestive problems. While animal fats can have a major impact on digestion and our organs, high-quality vegetable oils often do the opposite. Linseed oil or olive oil , for example, serve as a natural lubricant and help to move digested food through the large intestine.

2. Breast cancer risk is minimized

As a study published in the journal "JAMA Internal Medicine" in 2015 shows, the risk of breast cancer is significantly lower if virgin olive oil is the basis of our fat intake. One bottle of "extra virgin olive oil" every week. However, this assumption has not been proven 100 percent. By the way: The term "extra virgin olive oil" denotes the oil that is obtained from olives using a mechanical process and without exposure to heat.

3. Protection against heart disease

We probably all know: Olive oil is good for the heart and the fat of choice for high cholesterol. The reason for this: the abundant monounsaturated fatty acids effectively lower cholesterol by boosting the metabolism. The phenol oleuropein is also said to protect against heart attacks due to its antioxidant effect. According to a study by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration), two tablespoons a day are enough to minimize the risk of heart failure.

4. Olive oil as a weight loss aid

Olive oil is not only good for our heart and digestion, but is also said to work wonders when losing weight. Because: The unsaturated fatty acids and the high proportion of phenols boost fat burning. According to a study by the Technical University of Munich (TUM), the oil should also have a particularly good saturation effect. This is mainly due to the flavorings it contains.

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