Without sewing and cutting: homemade mouthguard in a minute

A mouthguard can slow down the coronavirus - in the video, you can see how you can easily make one yourself with a few simple steps.

Corona current: Empty chairs on the beach

A homemade mouthguard can save lives. That sounds very dramatic, but it's true. Even if, of course, a few layers of fabric cannot be compared to the filters with which a medical mouthguard is fitted, it can prevent the spread of the coronavirus when used correctly. 

Instructions for non-sewing professionals

Of course, there are now also numerous instructions on the net on how to easily make a very good mouthguard with a sewing machine. But: Most of us have neither a sewing machine nor the appropriate manual dexterity to sew a protective mask with a needle and thread in hand. And this is exactly where this manual comes in: You do not need any sewing talent for this mouthguard, just a square cloth, and two hair ties. Normal rubber bands also work, of course, but are not quite as comfortable to wear.

Impulse from Hollywood

The idea behind this self-made mask really got going, especially by Tom Hank's son Colin, when he published a step-by-step guide for the DIY mouthguard on Instagram. The actor is enthusiastic about this so simple technique, which has such a great benefit for all of us, and since then has also posted an update on how he personally could improve his mask a bit.

The right application

Once you have made a mask, you can simply put it on when you leave your house. It is only important that you throw your face mask in the laundry when you come back. The practical thing is: If you have to go again shortly afterward, you simply fold a new face mask. As long as you still have clean towels in the house, you will not run out of them from now on - try it yourself!

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