Vagina Fails: You shouldn't do that to YOU!

Vagina Fails: Hand with blood orange
Who would have thought, but downstairs women can do a lot wrong. Our author explains three vaginal errors. 
By Linda Berger
While men cheerfully enjoy their penis, roll around with it or just love it, we women are taboo about a lot of things that have to do with our vaginaIt is at least as great as the man's phallus. Therefore, ladies, we should slowly break the taboos and take care of ourselves a little better, overall, of course, but also below. Above all, the following errors must be avoided!

A lot of intimate hygiene doesn't help a lot!

Our vagina has its very own smell: acidic, somehow metallic or musky. Every woman perceives him was different. But some find it uncomfortable, maybe even ashamed of it. A slight intimate smell is completely normal and even a sign of a balanced and healthy vaginal flora. 
Nevertheless, many women feel uncomfortable with the body's own fragrance, while the body care industry supports this feeling with various intimate cleansers.
The fact is: vaginal douches, soaps or perfumed products are the absolute enemies of any healthy vagina. Because most care products are very aggressive and disturb the pH of the vagina - the perfect breeding ground for infections of all kinds.

Did you know? Our vagina cleans itself practically and should only be cleaned with a little warm water from the outside. And the smell makes sense because it makes you sexy. The fragrances subconsciously are totally attractive to our partner. 

Pain during sex? Please don't just take it! 

If it hurts during sex, vaginal dryness is usually the reason. This means that around half of German women have a problem once in their life. Since everything that has to do with the vulva and vagina is still a taboo subject that nobody is talking about, many women simply accept the problem. This, in turn, can not only have fatal consequences for a couple's love life but also cause severe pain and injuries during sex. After all, moistening the vagina is essential for a fulfilled love act.
Lubricant is then the optimal solution. This not only helps to moisten the mucous membranes but can also be a very special pleasure when it comes to lovemaking. Above all, affected women should do one thing: speak openly to the partner about the problem instead of feeling ashamed, or worse, suffering. 

Creams and tinctures instead of causal research

Strange discharge, nasty itching, and an uncomfortable burning sensation - if there is a problem downstairs, people try to get things under control on their own, instead of looking for help from a gynecologist. Many women only turn to them when nothing works anymore. Sometimes, of course, the vaginal tablets, which you have obtained from the pharmacy as secretly as possible, also help, but if the causes are not addressed, the problems come back quite quickly. Prophylaxis is, therefore, the be-all and end-all. Vaginal creams with probiotics, for example, support a healthy vaginal flora. If it is in equilibrium, fungi and bacteria cannot settle as well. 
But ATTENTION: Contrary to many recommendations, please do not insert tampons soaked in yogurt into the vagina. If the yogurt is not completely fresh, mold spores or other germs can lead to infections. So stay away!

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