Corona challenges for couples - who wants to ...?

A lot of time together and few opportunities to avoid each other - a good opportunity to prove yourself as a couple in a challenge. We have a few suggestions ...
Couple diology: A couple sits side by side under a blanket
Constantly crouching on each other, hardly any contact with others and fears, worries and hardships - a stress test for many couples. And as if that weren't enough, to make matters worse, we also propose additional challenges that you could face. But maybe they are a bit of fun ...

Corona challenges for couples: 5 ideas

1. The "Who is Better?" Challenge

Celebrities like Jennifer Lopez and Vanessa Mai have shown the way: Both partners answer at the same time by pointing a finger at the relevant person to questions such as "Who can kiss better?", "Who is tidier?", "Who is smarter?" etc. Admittedly, there is a certain potential for conflict - but also the chance to recognize that you complement each other really well. And if you can sleep in the next morning: One possible variant of the challenge includes the rule of drinking an alcoholic drink of your choice in any disagreement - cheers and have fun!

2. The "make or leave" challenge

The core of this challenge is to tell you about your sex fantasiesexchange and possibly come across something that you could try out in bed. And this is how it works: You both write about ten sexual variations or fantasies on different pieces of paper and then mix these pieces of paper in a glass, hat or just on the table. Important: Write down things that you would like and that you could imagine, as well as experiments that you would prefer to do without. Then you take turns taking a slip of paper, reading to the other what is on it and talking about it. First of all, the person from whom the slip was not written should speak up. Would it be conceivable for them what it says on the label or a no-go? What does she suspect, how does her counterpart stand? Yes, The 7-day sex challengeYou can find out how it works in our article.

3. The "Compliment every day" challenge

The name says it all and the rules of the game are very simple: Compliment each other and deliberately every day. Easy! Or ...?

4. The "who can keep silent for longer" challenge

This challenge is actually practical when you need a little rest from each other. What do you have to do? Just shut up. And those who hold out longer without talking can wish for something from the other. Important: This challenge should never be taken after an argument! 

5. The "how well do you know me" challenge

In the "how well do you know me" challenge, you first write down questions as you know them from these friendship books from the past, e.g. For example: "Favorite color?", "Dream job?", "Favorite hobby?" etc. Of course, you can get creative and choose questions that really interest you (e.g. "darkest secret?", "worst sex?" ...). First, you answer the questions for yourself - and then for your sweetheart. And then, of course, you compare the results and exchange ideas on whoever had more rights may wish something from the other.

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