Ask yourself these questions - and you will see who you really are

How do you say: Be yourself the most important person. With these questions, you can get to know each other better - and become more satisfied in life.
Get to know yourself: woman lies in the grass

Do you sometimes feel that you have no real access to your feelings? You are constantly unsure, do not know what you want and then you are suddenly surprised why you react very emotionally to a certain situation. Sometimes it seems like you don't really know yourself.
This is probably because you have never tried to explore your inner being. Asking yourself about your needs, fears and hopes. Give it a try - and ask yourself these 5 questions. After that, you may have a different perspective on life - and on yourself.

1. What has my life been like so far?

Write your CV on a piece of paper by hand. Underline all things that you are particularly proud of and that you enjoyed. Delete the things that made you less happy. In the end, only what has made you happy and brought you further in life will stop.

2. What is it in life that drives me?

What motivates you to get out of bed in the morning? Is it the people around you? The job, the free time or everything together? If you uncover your source of power, you can devote even more time to it - and maximize your luck.

3. What would I miss most in life?

Works better than the question: What is the most important thing in my life? Because often we only notice what is important to us when we lose it. The following also applies here: once you have become clear about this, you should spend more time on what makes you happy.

4. What different roles do you currently play in life? Which one do you prefer to slip into?

Mother, employee, daughter ... Each of us has multiple roles in our lives. We do not all filled with the same enthusiasm and joy. Ask yourself: Which one do you spend most on? You should expand this role further.

5. If you had three wishes, which would they be?

Think big! Write down the three wishes and then consider how you can fulfill them (at least on a small scale) or what other lessons you can learn from them. It is never wrong to dream. You just have to see what you make of it!

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