10 signs that your life is exactly as it should be

10 signs that your life is exactly as it should be
It doesn't really matter whether you believe in destiny or destiny. If it runs smoothly, it just runs smoothly. For whatever reason. 10 signs that your life is exactly as it should be:
1. You can sleep well
It is not for nothing that good sleep means "sleep of the just". If you can fall asleep well, it is an indication by many (but a very sure one) that you rest in yourself and that your life does not overwhelm you. 

2. You no longer expect anyone to make you happy

Simply because it cannot work. You are responsible for your own happiness and you know that. A nice side effect of this knowledge is the knowledge that you are not responsible for the happiness of others. 

3. You have something to look forward to

Living in the moment is all well and good, but a little joy for the future is like icing on the now. YUMMY!

4. There is a person who knows you so well that it almost scares you

No matter whether it is your mother, your partner, a friend or your child: If there is someone who will always be able to tell you who you are: What should you be afraid of? 

5. You are not afraid of the next Monday morning

Sure, you could live from weekend to weekend, but somehow that would be wasteful. If you like Monday well, you obviously have a nice everyday life. It is better because everyday life has five days a week, the weekend only two.

6. You don't regret a day in your life

No, of course, we don't mean because every day was great. That would be a lie. But if you like yourself in exactly this version of today, then you can't regret the dark days either. They made you who you are today. Fortunately, you know that, because repentance costs far too much energy. 

7. You don't dread your birthday

Afraid of getting older? Why should you if every age has had its beautiful sides? Some call it optimism. You call it life experience. 

8. You like the contents of your closet

Whether size 36 or size 56 ... as long as you like your clothes, you somehow seem to like your body too. The best prerequisite for being able to say: it should be that way, it can stay that way. After all, the soul wants to have a home in which it feels comfortable.

9. If you have a sag, you know what makes you strong again

It's not bad to have a bad moment as long as you know your own gas station. Whether it is a phone call with a friend, a wellness weekend by the sea, your favorite series or simply the choir rehearsal on Wednesday evening, it is completely bleak. The main thing is that you are completely yourself afterward.

10. You take a few minutes each day just for yourself 

Nothing is as valuable as the time you give someone. If you give yourself time, that's a sure sign that you don't feel stupid. Be happy. After all, you definitely won't get rid of yourself for a lifetime. 

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