Holographic Hair: This is how the beautiful hair trend works


Holographic Hair is the new hair trend for everyone who likes to be colorful - the colorful gradient even creates an optical illusion
This trend has a real wow effect: With holographic hair, fans of brightly colored hair colors get their money's worth - not only does the hair shine in different shades, but it also shimmers in a similar way to rays of light that are broken by a prism. To conjure up this special optical illusion in the hair, however, it takes a lot of tact. In the meantime, more and more hairstylists and fans are posting their results and postponing them with the hashtags #holographichair and #haloprism.

Hair trend holographic hair: This is how the effect is achieved
A hairdresser shows how the hair color for holographic hair has to be applied in an Instagram video - in any case, a lot of experience and patience is required with the technology, because the colors must be applied evenly alternately and must not mix when they act. Also, care must be taken to ensure that the transition to each color is fluid so that no blocks are created. For this, tints in particularly bright colors are used.

This creates a shimmering look that contains all the colors of the rainbow and at the same time looks lively and resembles broken light rays.

For another technique, the holographic effect can also be applied horizontally and, for example, shimmer at the base:

Holographic Hair: The trending look requires special care
If you have already experimented with colorful hair colors yourself, you know for sure: the tones, unfortunately, wash out quickly. So that you have some of the time-consuming work as long as possible, the hair should not be washed as often - to get rid of greasy roots, the dry shampoo also does.

If washing is urgently needed, a special color protection shampoo helps you to keep the colors as long as possible. The color specialist may also be able to use stronger tones so that the effect fades slowly with washing and so you have something of your holographic hair longer.

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