8 cool ideas for a date with yourself

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Who said that you can only have fun and experience great things as a couple or in a larger group? A solo date is sometimes really good and proves once again how important me-time is. Incidentally, Pinterest shows that more and more women are spending time with themselves: Search queries for the term "solo date" rose by 57 percent in 2020 compared to the previous year. So let's go: We show the eight best ideas for a date with yourself!
Solo date idea # 1: cinema
Anyone who is just waiting for their friends to want to go to the cinema may miss out on a lot of good films. Once you have found a day when everyone has time, the next challenge begins: choose a strip that everyone likes. Therefore, rather go to the cinema alone and not only enjoy the film but also secretly that no one is constantly reaching into the popcorn bag. Win-win!

Solo date idea # 2: museum
In museums, you shouldn't speak out loud anyway and you are there to admire art - in whatever form. There is hardly a better place for a date with yourself!

Solo date idea # 3: day spa
If you really want to treat yourself to something, go to a day spa and let yourself be pampered all day with massages, treatments, and saunas. After a wellness day, you are not only deeply relaxed but usually also (again) feels really good in your own body.

Solo date idea # 4: cooking
If you watch Hollywood RomComs, you might get the idea that a fancy candlelight dinner with three courses can only take place with one partner. But of course, that's nonsense. Simply cook your own dream menu, open your favorite bottle of wine, press Play on Spotify and light a few candles - you will then definitely not miss a partner! Best of all, you don't have to share the dessert with anyone else.

Solo date idea # 5: sport
Sport makes you happy and fit - so use your well-deserved Me-Time to try out a new sport. How about an exceptional fitness class, yoga or stand-up paddling (in summer)?

Solo date idea # 6: restaurant
Many people shy away from going to a restaurant alone. Sitting in a cafĂ© for ten minutes and drinking a cappuccino in record time is just fine, but the idea of ​​just reserving for one person and sitting alone at a table for two hours is the horror scenario for many. Do it anyway! You will see that it is great to have your favorite dishes just for yourself and not have to share them with anyone. A little tip: take a book with you - then avoid staring at your smartphone all the time and also have a nice activity while you wait for the meal.

Solo date idea # 7: concert
Do you love an alternative indie-pop band from Sweden that no one else knows? And for this reason, nobody wants to accompany you to the concert? No matter, just go there alone! You will be surprised how much fun you can have - and ideally get to know other people who are also fans of the band.

Solo date idea # 8: out into nature
Soak up the sun at a nearby lake, go for a walk in the park or choose a (harmless) hiking route that you have always wanted to explore - just go out into nature! You will return home full of energy and new impulses, I promise.

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