5 self-tanning faux pas

Summer is approaching and your skin is just white? Self-tanners can help quickly. Unfortunately, there is also the risk of strange spots and orange stripes. Five mistakes you should avoid when applying - and suitable solutions

Mistake number 1: forget peeling 
Anyone who uses self-tanners should definitely exfoliate the skin. Because the brown color is also adopted to varying degrees on uneven skin. To avoid stains, you should definitely remove dead skin before you tan. To do this, apply the body scrub to the skin in a circular motion and then wash off. Both finished body peelings and a homemade one are suitable. You can quickly make this from about 2 tablespoons of salt and 1 teaspoon of olive oil.

Mistake number 2: don't wash your hands 
Orange palms are easy to avoid after using a self-tanner. Simply remove the self-tanner thoroughly with soap. So that the transitions from the arm to the back of the hand are not too drastic (keyword: brown arm, white hand), simply work in a little tanner on the back of your hand with your fingertips. Then wash your fingertips - done! Or you can use a glove, see next point! 

Mistake number 3: Apply unevenly
If the self-tanner is not properly distributed, greet the chipmunk! And you quickly forget places like the back of the knee, inner upper arms or the shoulder blades. To ensure that the self-tanner is well distributed, it is best to use a special glove. This allows you to apply the self-tanner without gaps (and the hands do not change color!). Simply put the glove in the washing machine after application and use it again next time.     

Mistake number 4: skip creaming
You have followed tips 1 to 3, and yet there are still stripes and spots on the elbows, knees, and feet. Then you have definitely not creamed it! Since the skin is thicker and rougher in precisely these areas, it also absorbs more color. However, if you lotion the areas beforehand with conventional body lotion, this weakens the color intensity there. And the result as a whole becomes even again.   

Mistake number 5: white textiles 
Self-tanners and white clothes or even bed linen? Not a good idea! Because the tanners, unfortunately, do not only dye the skin, but also the area brown. If you want to let the self-tanner work overnight, put a dark towel underneath. Or relies on special "overnight" tanners (eg from James Read) that do not give color to textiles.

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