Makeup eyebrows? It's easy in theory, but not in practice. We have the best tips and tricks for you that will give you a supernatural result.

Makeup eyebrows: our instructions

Wow, Brows! We all wish for that. They should look as full and as natural as possible, but unfortunately, not all of us are blessed with as full eyebrows as the model in the picture above. That's not a bad thing, because a few good tricks and tips are enough to make even thin eyebrows look beautiful and full. You can find the perfect eyebrow shape by the way:
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  • There are many ways to optimize your eyebrow shape with makeupThe most popular products include eyebrow powder, eyebrow pencils and, more recently, so-called tattoo brow pencils. What is it about and which makeup really does something? Here are the best methods and products for full, beautiful eyebrows.

    Makeup eyebrows: Step by Step

    Tracing eyebrows is an art in itself. Putting on the fine refills of the eyebrow pencils with the right pressure and momentum demands a lot from us. Sensibility and an artistic hand are quite helpful. So that the result is as natural as possible, we show you the best technique step by step:
    1. Brush your eyebrows through once and place them in the correct shape.
    2. Draw a fine, horizontal line directly under the brow base, also called the brow head. It is located exactly above your lacrimal gland, almost where the first hairs begin. This line is your baseline.
    3. Starting from this line, you draw fine, hair-like lines upwards. This way you fill-up the front part of your brow. Be careful not to press too hard. The hairs should be delicate and relatively light.
    4. Now fill in the brow arch, i.e. the middle of the eyebrow. Here, a few short, fine strokes are usually enough to give the brow more fullness and to emphasize the bow nicely.
    5. Finally, you draw the back brow arch - the area where your eyebrow becomes thinner and runs out. Usually, a few straight, longer strokes are enough to give the brow arch the necessary length.
    6. The finish: Brush through the eyebrows again and fill in the last small gaps if you notice any.

    What do eyebrow stencils bring?

    Stencils for the eyebrows can help enormously in quickly tracing the eyebrows. The advantage: you save a lot of time. The disadvantage: the stencils are inflexible and cannot be adapted to your face shape. We would, therefore, advise against it.

    Why do you repaint eyebrows?

    The current beauty trend: full, bushy brows. If you don't have them naturally, you have to help with a few small steps. That is why many women and girls use eyebrow products that help to make the brows look fuller. The goal is to trace the fine hair as naturally as possible. Conversely, this means the thinner and finer the lead, the more natural the result. You can imagine how important good products are. The right technology is also important!

    Pluck eyebrows? Yes or no?

    Plucking your eyebrows to get them in shape is of course perfectly fine. Please note, however, that the trend is rather to keep the eyebrows in their natural shape and not to pluck them. Brewing experts recommend only removing the fine hairs under the brow arch and between the eyes and only gently correcting the shape.
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    Eyebrow makeup: these are the best products

    As big beauty fans, we have already tested some eyebrow products and share our experiences and favorite products with you here:

    Eyebrow powder

    It looks like the eye shadow but is intended for the brows. Eyebrow powder is applied to the brows with a small brushSince the powder lies quite loosely on your hair, it does not have a particularly high durability. It is best to fix it with a gel or with a hairspray . We learned this tip from make-up artist Nikki DeRoest. She sprays some hairspray on her eyebrow brush and brushes it through the fine hairs. This way, they keep their shape much better.
    Eyebrow powder
    Our favorite: The "Great Brows" eyebrow powder from MAC.

    Eyebrow pencils

    There are countless products and designs among the eyebrow pencils. We have already tested many of them. Whatever works are eyebrow pencils that look like colored pencils. This makes it possible to draw very precise lines that last wonderfully. The disadvantage: you always have to sharpen them. Eyebrow pencils are easier to open. These pens have a finished, thin lead that can be removed from the mold when in use. You can also paint thin lines that hold very well. You can also find eyebrow pencils with fiber fibers on the shelves of drugstoresThese already contain small, artificial hairs that are added to the hair when painting and fill up the brows. However, we are not a fan of it.
    Eyebrow pencil
    A classic: the eyebrow pencil from Essence.

    New: tattoo pens for the eyebrows

    Eyebrow pencils with a tattoo effect are quite new on the market and are already loved by us. The highlight: the pens come with a felt lead (reminiscent of a felt pen), which is soaked with color. This makes it possible to draw even, even, thinner lines that provide a supernatural look. However, it is important to find a good product here, because some mines tend to clog or dry out quickly.
    Tattoo eyebrow pen
    He paints very well: the tattoo eyebrow pencil by Arabesque.

    Eyebrow mascara or gel

    If you already have full brows and only want to help a little, it is best to use brow mascaras or eyebrow gel. The small brushes, as we know it from the mascara, take up some color and brush them into the hair. So no fine hairs are painted between the existing ones, but only the existing ones are colored. The result is a wonderfully natural look.
    Eyebrow gel
    Our all-time favorite: The "Gimme Brow" eyebrow gel from Benefit.

    Eyebrow Pomade

    The creamy eyebrow pomade is also applied with a small brush. Here, however, you have to be a little more careful, because a little too much pomade glues the hair and makes it look too dark. With the right application, the pomade can also be great because it gives additional support.
    Eyebrow Pomade
    So pretty and so practical! The plume eyebrow pomade.
    With these tips, nothing stands in the way of your wow brows. Have fun using it!

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