Are your eyebrows crooked, too long or too high? From now on, these evil eyebrow mistakes must no longer happen to you! 
Cara Delevingne
These 10 eyebrow mistakes are pretty nasty ...
Always remember: they are the frame for your face! That's why you have to find the perfect shape for your faceOf course, you shouldn't miss the current brow trends:
Because the eyebrows are so important, you should pay a lot of attention to them and always be careful not to make these 10 eyebrow mistakes from now on:
  • Shaping eyebrows: that's how it works
    Shape eyebrowsFind the perfecteyebrow shapefor your face

    1. You have been using the same tweezers forever

    Also, a pair of tweezers can - will eventually dull - like our razors. As soon as you realize that she can no longer grasp your hair properly, you can treat yourself to a new one. By the way, you should also clean your tweezers from time to time - cream residues, old make-up, and dander can settle on them and cause inflammation when plucking in the pores.

    2. You look at yourself in the magnifying mirror

    The mirror makes your eyebrows smelly! So you want to pluck all the more! So that you don't end up with just a narrow line, the rule applies: NO magnifying mirrorJust stand in front of your normal bathroom mirror - the main thing is that you can see your entire face when plucking (and have good light with it).

    3. You pluck your brows BEFORE showering

    It will hurt a lot less if you pluck your brows after showering (or after an extensive facial wash with warm water ). Because the heat opens the pores, making it easier and less painful to pull the hair out of them!

    4. You pluck every day

    If you pluck your hair every day, you may pluck your brow smaller and smaller in the long run. You lose sight of it and think with every plucking "There has to be more away"So it's better to leave it at about once a weekYes, that is enough. And no, no one will notice if you don't eliminate every little hair that comes back ;-)

    5. You pluck too much

    You definitely don't want to look like singer Fergie on the snapshot she posted with her friend Kim Kardashian. Also, remember that it's not just the width that counts! It can also happen that you pluck too much between the two brows. Simple rule: the eyebrows should start at the level of the line of the bridge of the nose.

    6. You forget to pluck above the brows

    With dark hair, it is very noticeable if you don't pluck ABOVE your brows. There are a lot of them - and up here, untucked hair sticks a lot more than under the eyebrow.

    7. You pluck during your period

    Now if you think "huh?" Here is the very simple explanation: During your days you are generally much more sensitive to pain - this also applies to painful eyebrow plugs anywaySo take a break during the week!

    8. You spread your face cream on your brows

    The ingredients contained in your creams can penetrate deep into the hair roots and slow growth there! This is particularly annoying if you have plucked too much from time to time - because you have to wait forever until you can correct small blemishes ...

    9. You only put makeup on at the end

    If you only use eyebrow pencil or powder to make up your brows at the very end, you will subconsciously adjust them to your darkly painted eyes. Conclusion: You will make up much, much darker than it actually suits your type. So keep in mind: Of course, you are welcome to apply foundation beforehand, but your eyes will remain taboo until you are done with your brows. 

    10. You choose the wrong color for your hair

    It may look cool with Cara, but she is also a top model! If you walk around with huge eyebrows that feel 20 shades darker than your hair, it can sometimes - sorry - look really stupid. So make sure that your brows are only slightly darker than your hair (but they should be darker so that they give your face shape).
    And otherwise: dye eyebrows correctly  & castor oil eyebrows - this is how you thicken your eyebrows with castor oil.

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