Our tips for a make-up that lasts all evening

Our tips for a make-up that lasts all evening
The foundation that shines, the eyeshadow that migrates, the lipstick that fades … A scenario that nobody wants to know on a party night. To escape the catastrophe, Joséphine Bouchereau, make-up artist Bourjois reveals all her advice.

Well-prepared skin

On D-2 of your event, make a scrub and a hydrating or purifying mask (depending on your needs). Above all, banish these treatments the same day of the evening. This can irritate your skin, and in response, it will produce more sebum and make you shine faster. On D-Day, use a light moisturizing gel rather than a rich cream, always to lighten your skin.

A flawless complexion

Is it absolutely necessary to arm yourself with a foundation for big evenings? According to our expert, it is better to avoid it: “they tend to suffocate the skin. Instead, favor a good pre-makeup skincare routine: a serum and a good moisturizer ”.
Regarding the choice of foundation, opt for a more covering product than usual, with a mat finish: “you will have the assurance of long-lasting wear”.
And to enhance your cheekbones, know that blushes in powder form hold better than their cream counterparts.

An eye shadow that sticks

To make your eyeshadows stick, even the most glittery, the tip of our make-up artist is very simple: “before applying the eye shadow, use a grease pencil of the same shade. This oily base will allow you to hang the pigments from the eyeshadow and will bring intensity and depth to your make-up. ”

A non-flowing eyeliner

A nice dash of eyeliner needs to take your time. Do it in several steps: “Without stretching the eyelid, start by drawing the tail of the liner. Then lengthen it going up towards the inside of the eye, making light pressure movements. Finally, keep your eyes closed while the product dries completely, this is the key to avoiding burrs ”.

A lipstick that keeps its intensity

If you have a marked lip contour (wrinkles and fine lines), always use an invisible pencil that prevents the red from running away. To fix the color, Joséphine Bouchereau advises to proceed in two stages: “start by applying your lipstick on your bare lips. Then use a matte lip pencil of the same shade and iron on the red. The pencil thus applied to the lipstick will set the material for the whole evening. “

A quick touch-up during the evening?

To counter shiny skin, don’t forget to put a handkerchief in your purse. Simply dab the T-zone to absorb excess sebum. “Avoid powdering your complexion during the evening, the overly matte appearance is not pretty, especially in the photos. Instead, opt for a touch of concealer with a finger tap on dark circles, nose wings, chin, and forehead if necessary ”.

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